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Frequently Asked Questions: (If you have anymore questions please e-mail our poor, pitifully enslaved web-master at . If they’re valid we will add them to the FAQ.)

What is The Elder Party?
The Elder Party is a creation of humorous parody that pokes fun at the U.S. government. The creators of this site are neither “Right” nor “Left” wing and this site is not meant to be an attack on any specific political party. We feel that, currently, this two-party system barely offers any sort of choice to the typical American. By making this purely evil political party that will “inevitably” rule over the U.S.A. we hope to make people think about the sad state that U.S. politics have fallen to and perhaps, eventually, work towards change. If you feel like supporting the Elder Party please either donate or buy our merchandise.

Can I copy your artwork?
No, you may not copy our artwork. Our Cthulhu logo is a copyrighted piece of artwork that took a lot of time, thought, and design. You may use our art to promote our site, but not your own things. Any artwork found on this site may be used for non-commercial, non-derivative use only. Please do not link images directly from our site. If you wish to use our artwork in a non-commercial, non-derivative manner (unless you are using the things from out Volunteer page with the intention of promoting our site) please contact us first and please link back to our site to give us credit. Thanks!

Who is this Cthulhu anyway?
Cthulhu is a fictional character from the literary work of H.P. Lovecraft. He has been adapted by several other authors and artist in the past for derivative works from Lovecraft’s original. In the Lovecraftian Mythos The Great Lord Cthulhu is a “priest” to the Elder Gods. He came to this world from the sky ages ago, before any mortal walked this earth. Once humans came along he ruled over them along with his other God-brethren until the planets misaligned and sapped all of their power away. Until recently he remained sleeping underneath the depths of the Pacific Ocean. In our adaptation we say that now the stars are right and Cthulhu and his compatriots have risen again, awakened just in time for the 2008 elections.

Who are The Elder Gods?
These characters are also from H.P. Lovecraft’s work and like Cthulhu they have been adapted for other derivative works. In the Lovecraftian Mythos The Elder Gods are also known as the Great Old Ones. They too came from the sky along with Cthulhu to hold dominion over this planet. Like Cthulhu they were forced into a slumber with the misalignment of the heavens. In our adaptation we say when Cthulhu is successfully elected to the Presidency of the United States of America he will have the Elder Gods as his Cabinet.

Why run for President when you are all powerful?
Because you humans like to feel like you’re doing something important, like voting. I feel like humoring your insignificant political system for the time being.

Why support someone who wants to end all of mankind?
Well, it seems you’re headed that way regardless, at least with Cthulhu you can do it in stylish campaign gear, and anyway, it’s not like you have a choice.