Praise for Cthulhu! Here is a recent fan-letter from a wise mortal named Peter:

“Lord Cthulu,

I have had no patience for the latest round of political shenanigans. I was fully ready to spoil my ballot and vote for MICKEY MOUSE this round. Now I will vote for you.

However, for your world domination to begin on American soil, you need to destroy the electoral college. I don’t see how my vote, or any votes of other slaves to your will will make a difference.

In short, master, the game is rigged.

Please send me some peace on this subject, because at this point in time, I could give a fuck.

Feel free to take my soul for that last profanity.

In madness,

A hopeless muphukka.”

The rest of you lot could learn from this human. Cthulhu approves of praise and demands more! It will go badly for you all if He does not receive it.

Peter has a good point though, the game IS rigged, and soon I will be the puppet-master controlling all the strings. Cthulhu will abolish the Electoral College when he demolishes the government as you know it! There will be chaos and blood forever after!

Also, Cthulhu thinks this Mickey Mouse creature will have to die. It is an abomination in His eyes.