Rising gas prices got you down? Cthulhu has the solution!

Souler Energy: It’s a revolutionary new technology powered on the distilled energy of innocent human souls! All you need do is slay your fellow man and use the patented Souler Cell™ to imprison their newly departed essence. Runs for 200 miles on just one soul! Just think, you could solve the gas crisis and the vagrant population all in one simple equation!

You won’t need Obama or McCain’s government caps on gas prices when you have this modern technological marvel under your hood. See your local Damned Dealership today for more details.

Remember, with Souler Energy, if you’re not part of the Solution you’re part of the problem.

  • WARNING: Use of this technology may cost you your own soul. No warranty expressed or implied. Possible side effects include madness, hysteria, and death.
  • Mileage depends on innocence of soul (children and nuns garner more M.P.S., miles per soul).