I have to be frank here; this website began as a private joke that turned public. We later discovered it’s been done many times over, much to our chagrin, but we pressed on anyway because we liked it (other nay-sayers be damned).

This site is meant to bring humor into politics by throwing the ridiculousness Presidential elections into sharp relief. However, once we started getting into this and talking about politics we decided that maybe just being humorous and poking fun at politics wasn’t quite enough. Maybe, just maybe, we could actually make a small difference in the minds of a few people. I don’t think we will affect many because politics is still something that polarizes people in this country and most people won’t ever budge on their political position (for instance, at least 30% of the nation still likes G.W. Bush and think he’s doing a “heckuva job”).

We chose Cthulhu because he is a symbol of destruction and evil. In this upcoming election it would be all too easy for someone who is wrong for the country to come into office and be elected by a duped populace. Once upon a time people thought Hitler had some good ideas too. (Not to immediately Godwin this whole site or anything…)

At The Elder Party we aren’t just fed up with the government; that’s a cop out. We get so tired of hearing that “well, it will never change, so what can I do?” or “why even bother, it’s not like our vote counts anyway.” We like to believe that if you get involved in politics you can make a change (call me naive) and if you want to make a change you have to realize that things take time. You need to start small, invest a bit of interest in your local political scene. Start with things like your mayoral elections and city council appointments and build up from there. Who knows; you might even get interested enough to run. If you run in a small town, you may even win, make changes there and you could move up into state politics, and so on.

If you don’t think politics is your cup of tea then find someone you agree with and help them, volunteer, get out there and convince people to work towards a change.

If you are too busy or can’t be bothered with such trivial things then vote. Just vote. It takes a few minutes out of your day once every few years.

Small government does work, and eventually, things that work in small government change things in big government. Cities and small towns are the starting grounds for small ordinances that eventually become law. State government is the proving ground for local legislature that will someday become federal law.

Everything happens in baby steps, work just one change in your town, while others work change in theirs, and eventually you will create a large change together.

Who cares if we don’t all agree on politics? No one will ever be universally popular, and all of us will never agree on any one thing. The attitude in this country has become too harsh towards one another. People throw around the terms like “Liberal” and “conservative” like they are swear words when most people are actually moderates. Just because you align yourself with one party doesn’t mean you can never agree on anything; there is plenty of overlap in the middle ground between “left” and “right”.

To progress in this country it is necessary and vital that we overcome this use of hatred, doublespeak, and spin. Ideals can’t be simplified to a sound bite. Instead it is the norm to create impassioned debates about private personal decisions (such as homosexuality or abortion) rather than discuss things that matter (like the growing national deficit or the fact that, for a Western “civilized” country, we have some of the worst living conditions for the poor and the homeless).

Please, take time out of your lives to get educated on subjects in politics that you care about (if you care); read a bit of newspaper (online if necessary, and several if you can, because they tend to be highly biased). Get a history book or two from your local library, bookstore, or even order some online. Read them and notice the trends that keep repeating themselves.

When we educate ourselves about what has happened we can make an informed guess about the future and try to work towards something better.

Don’t worry if this sounds too serious, we’ll still have humor.

-The Elder Party