Greetings mortals! Welcome to The Elder The site is finally live and ready to go.

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This website will be used as a launching point for my Political career, which will no doubt be gloriously successful. The planets and stars are finally position again, just in time for the 2008 elections. My newly awakened brethren and I are looking forward to total domination; first in this puny human election here in the United States and then, eventually, the world.

Through the use of my awesome telepathy I have long waited and watched the political carrying-ons in this country from my dream-filled slumber in R’yleh. I have decided that this country is ripe for my return since you are all creeping towards a totalitarian state without my help. If this is the sort of government you have all become accustomed to and complacent with then I feel I have much to offer you pitiful creatures.

With my return I can promise an absolute dictatorship. You insignificant insects will be enslaved to my will and be ushered into a new era of suffering. Government will no longer be governed by morality and justice but chaos and oppression.

The way I see it, this is exactly what you humans seem to desire; I just want to make this transition as smoothly (for me) and as painful (for you) as possible.